Snooker Club

The Snooker Club currently has 25 members with ages ranging from 28 to 80.

Club night is Thursday and starting time is 7pm. On club nights we usually play drawn pairs and have between 16 and 20 players participating.

The Snooker Club is very friendly and welcoming as we all share a common interest in the game of snooker. About 50% of our snooker players are also members of the 8 Ball Club.

In October each year we calculate the snooker handicaps for the Singles Handicap Tournament. This is a great tournament to gauge our improvement from previous years.

Looking ahead, we would like to utilise the snooker tables and have more competitions. We are looking at challenges with other clubs, having both Home and Away matches.

We are always looking for more snooker players so feel free to join us any Thursday night for the small cost of $7. No matter what level you are, please come and have a try.

John Walding
Snooker Leader


Thursdays 7.00pm

By joining in with the club’s activities you’ll meet many of our members and make new friends.


John Walding   426 3742