Indoor Bowls

Indoor Bowls club has been active for over Twenty years and is a friendly social event for all players. We have an average of 20-25 players, both men and women of all ages arriving for our afternoon games on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with three games of seven ends played each day, a cup of tea / coffee supplied mid afternoon.

Registration for the games is available up to 12.05 pm, with a start time of 12.45 pm and an approximate finish time of 4.30 pm.

There is no joining fee to be a member of the Indoor bowls club, but you must be a member of the Hibiscus Coast Community RSA. However there is an entry fee per playing day of Three Dollars, which is used for prizes, maintenance of our bowling equipment as well as subsidies for any other activities.

At the end of the bowling day the winning team and the runner up team receive a small monetary prize and the last placed team receive chocolates.
Event activities throughout the year include mid winter and Xmas lunches as well as a birthday event which is normally a surprise to all who attend.

Intending new members don’t have to be a member of the HBC RSA to try bowling and its free on their first day.

Your Main Committee Member:

Bob Hill
Club Captain

Ph: 027 33 99 683